Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cold Turkey: Day One

Well crap! I was all ready to post how easy the first day was. I was going to mention how I breezed through the first half of the day without even realizing I was starting out on what could prove to be the most daunting task I’ve ever given myself. Then I decided to pop over to my favorite comic book thread at DVDtalk to see what was happening and all my false bravado disappeared.

Chew, a friend from the DVDtalk board who just happens to appreciate cheese and the best team in the NFL, started a thread titled, “Comic Thread for August AKA 'Let’s All Pity B2K'.” I liked how that rhymed so I sauntered in all cocky, almost daring all the comic fans to test me when I posted my lack of desire for picking up the new Absolute Sandman. HenryFish set me straight just moments later by reminding me that if I missed this now, it would haunt me for the rest of my life. At least, that’s what I read into his post.

Lucky for me my good buddy Jason came along and offered the perfect solution to my problem: he’ll pre-order it for me. Ah, thank God for friends. Cold Turkey: 30 days without collecting, but not without heroes.

Anyway, not long after the DVDtalk crowd kicked me while I was down, I got an email from eBay with a second chance offer to buy some new football cards I didn’t win yesterday. Those fuckers! How dare they offer to send me the cards at my final bid when everyone knows I’m going cold turkey! I had hoped those cards would fill my need of sorting and rearranging my card collection, but noooooo, some other loser bid more than me and now I’m getting a second chance offer the day I go cold turkey. Wonderful.

Oh well. I will prevail. Just a few more hours until bedtime and then I can cross one day off my calendar. What do they say about a journey of a thousand miles? It starts with the first step. Well, so does my 30 days without collecting…

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