Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cold Turkey: Day Twenty-Seven

Last night some friends and I went out to help a friend celebrate his upcoming marriage by getting him drunk. Of course, as with most bachelor parties, the entire crew got drunk too. I was no exception. It was a great time, and it was nice just to hang out with my brother, which I don’t do nearly enough.

When I got home, I wanted to avoid the dreaded bed spins so I grabbed a bottle of water, popped a couple of ibuprofen, and hopped online to waste some time by checking my email and getting the scores and highlights from the night’s preseason games. Although I admit to being a little fuzzy on the details, I remember two things happening after I surfed First, I remember reading my eBay watch list, which, after almost a month of going cold turkey, only had one auction listed. The second thing I remember was checking my email and finding one from eBay that stated I was the current high bidder on that damn Hornung card.


So here I am, Sunday morning, debating what this means. I guess technically I’ve officially lost the bet I had with myself. Regardless of circumstance, I bid on a collectible and that’s not allowed by the rules I created for this experiment. At the same time, though, I’m wondering if I can go back to eBay and cancel my bid and consider myself still in the mix. I mean, I was drunk. Can’t fault a guy for slipping up after a few too many captain and cokes, right?

Then again, if I do just accept defeat, that’d mean I can finally end this silly thing and go to the comic shop or pick up that Dune book.

So what’s the consensus? Is it still on, or did my drunken mistake only prove that I indeed couldn’t go a whole month without buying a collectible?


Rich said...

Well, not to get all lawyerly on you, but drunken consent is not consent.

Which means drunken eBay bidding is not real bidding.

Which means you need to go cancel that bid quick-smart! You can still do it!

Anonymous said...

I'm of the mind that if you buy this thing, you've proven that you can't go a month without buying. You might say you've had personal victories during this time, but the fact remains that you wouldn't have succeeded in what you set out to do. I would call it a failure. No offense, my friend.


James W. Powell said...

I don't even care anymore. I thought yesterday would be this huge buying spree since I screwed up and bid on Saturday night. But I didn't even get online to do any hunting, and I didn't go shopping at any local shops. Hell, I didn't even get on eBay to see how much I actually bid. My guess is that it's not high enough to actually win the card. Still, I failed in regard to this little experiment, I'll admit that. But since the desire to really collect seems to have disipated, I'm okay with that.