Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back in the Saddle

“How does it feel to be buying again?” Stephanie asked yesterday afternoon.

“You must’ve read my last blog entry,” I said, knowing that I hadn’t yet talked to her about my recent binge on eBay and at DCBS.

“No, I can just hear it in your voice.”

”What does that mean?” I asked, sure that my voice hadn’t changed one bit.

“You sound happy. I figured it was because you finally bought something.”

That woman knows me too well. And I love her for it.
Remember that Hornung autograph card I bid on while in a drunken stupor? I failed to win the auction. Make of that what you will.
After four stores and over 50 books, I finally found a copy of Hunters of Dune that had the autographs. Along the way I also bought the new Star Wars paperback, Bloodlines, which I’ll never read, and Lombardi and Me, which I will.

Lucky for me, the limited edition Dune copy I picked up is numbered 7580. I always like to have my serial numbers end in 0. Unfortunately, however, I could only find copies with the blue ink. There are 6,999 other copies signed in blue ink. Now the question is will I hunt down one with green ink (2900 copies), purple ink (74 copies), or red ink (26 lettered copies). I certainly hope I look no further, but with me, don’t count out a set of all four.

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