Monday, July 17, 2006

This Cold Turkey Tastes Terrible

I got my first taste of what going cold turkey for 30 days will feel like today when I read the DC solicitations for books shipping in October. And let me tell you, cold turkey is best served only on Thanksgiving. The first thing I noticed was how cool the new Adam Hughes cover to Catwoman #60 is. Not being able to pre-order that is going to scare me silly since it means I’ll have to hunt it down in October and hope I can get a mint copy. Wonderful!

The rest of my regular monthlies I think I can live without. After all, part of the reason behind this experiment is to wean myself off the monthlies. But damn it, look at all the other cool covers: Gen13 and all the other Wildstorm first issues and variants, a variant Adam Hughes for Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Manifest Eternity #5…a book I’ve never heard of but one that sports a pretty damn pretty cover.

And why do all these great trades have to come out the one month I plan to skip the pre-ordering? Just look at all the DC books coming out: Gotham Central Vol. 4, Ex Machina Vol. 4, and Y: The Last Man Vol. 7. Of course, we can't forget the absolute of all Absolute books, Absolute Sandman Vol. 1. I mean, seriously. It’s as if the gods of collecting looked down on me and said, “We smite you, you lowliest of all cretins.”

I told myself I wouldn’t follow this missed month by doubling up on all my collectible purchases in September, but that’s looking harder and harder every moment. I mean, this is just after reading the DC solicits. What the hell will the Marvel solicits hold? Another Omnibus?

All I know is that I’m fucked…and not in a good way.

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