Monday, July 10, 2006

Love My Carpet

No, this isn’t another Internet post about the upcoming lesbian Batwoman. (Although, since I haven’t weighed in on the subject, maybe I should hijack my own writing by not only posting a picture of the superhero to run with the text, but also by talking about the fact that with all the hype and publicity, a pristine copy of her first appearance might be worth big money someday…and by big money I mean cover price.)

Instead, this is actually about carpet. See, my wife and I have been considering fixing up the house for some time now, and the quickest, easiest, most obvious way to improve your home is by getting carpet, especially when your current floor looks as dirty and disheveled as the one we have. Just that one move will make our house look so much better. But the only way we’re going to make that happen is if we start saving more money. That means fewer comics, fewer football cards, fewer trips to the bar.

Just how the hell am I going to pull that off?

Sure, I’m in the process of trimming my pull list substantially, but saving $20 a month on comics isn’t going to get us that new carpet that much quicker. So I can either do with less for 6-8 months, or go cold turkey for half that time. But is new carpet worth skipping a few months’ worth of comics and cards all together? Not bloody likely. Especially when you factor in new windows, new tile for the bathrooms, and new closet doors are just around the corner. Where would it end?

I know, I know, I can hear it already. I need to save for the things I want and sacrifice some collectibles for the time being. It’s called will power. Get some.

Well, to be honest, that doesn’t work for me. I’m addicted to ebay, I’m addicted to buying comics, and I’m addicted to buying football cards. I mean, if I waited and bought my comics after they’ve been out awhile, I’d run the risk of getting books of inferior condition. As for the cards, well, I’m struggling with just finding those elusive few cards I have left on my list so nothing’s going to stop me from snatching those up when I see them, not even beautiful carpet.

So tell me, fellow collectors, how the hell does a homeowner balance the need for collecting with the need for home improvements? While you’re writing your suggestions, I’m going to lay on my ugly brown floor and read a pristine copy of Captain America #19, paying close attention to whether or not I can live without that particular monthly fix and thus be $2 closer to having that new, clean carpet.

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Brian said...

Sell your house and rent. Then your land lord gets to pay for improvements. It worked for me. I sold my house last year and have been renting for the last ten months.