Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

Holy crap. Amazon has listings for two eagerly awaited hardcovers. The first is the Runaways oversize hardcover volume 2. This is a great series. One of the more original hero books to come out in years. Plus, I love the oversize collections, not only because they’re big but also because you get the entire 12-issue story. Hell, even if you don’t read the damn things (like I’m prone to do), they still look cool on your bookcase. (Please oh please let Marvel do the right thing and make the spine dressing the same as volume one.)

The other book I’m eagerly anticipating is the New X-Men Omnibus. I mean, talk about huge. This bad boy is slated to be 992 pages. How the hell am I supposed to read that? As a collector I sure as hell ain’t gonna rest it on my stomach or on the table while I read it. I mean, that might ruin the book’s condition. At the same time, though, how long can you hold a 10-pound book before you get carpel tunnel? Oh well, at least it’ll look cool on my bookcase.

Keep in mind that these books haven’t been announced and might never happen, but the tease is enough to get me salivating. I just love big hardcovers. Well, big hardcovers and a good story, but you get the point.

Speaking of big hardcovers, maybe now’s a good time to hunt down that X-Men Omnibus I missed out on earlier...or at the very least, continue reading the Fantastic Four Omnibus.

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