Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Princess No More

Well that blows. I’ve been gathering information from all over the web, particularly from Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat, stating that IDW’s upcoming A Princess of Mars has been scrapped. This completely sucks. As many of you know, I was looking forward to this series more than any comic in recent memory. I guess this is just one more reason to continue pulling back on my monthly habit.

The weird thing is that it looks like several threads from around the web, including one at Frank Cho’s Image site, have been taken down. Does this mean that maybe, just maybe, the book is still safe? I doubt it. But with Paramount working on a John Carter movie, I’m sure more comics are in the works anyway. So while I’m bummed the IDW book was cancelled, I can’t get to upset with announcements coming soon enough.

Then again, I still want my Cho variants. Oh well, maybe next time…

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