Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cold Turkey: The Prequel

Two days before I go cold turkey for the month of August and what do I do immediately upon waking? I search through the latest Previews and scour eBay for deals. It’s as if I’m trying to find a few books and collectibles that’ll tide me over until I reach the end of this madness.

You can tell I’m jonesin’ for something to buy when I start looking into Manga. The upcoming Rose Hip Zero caught my attention in the Tokyopop section of the monthly catalog, so I decided to look into it. One thing led to another, and despite finding out almost nothing, I not only sold myself on the series but also decided I have to buy such silly nonsense as Battle Vixens. Good grief!

Lucky for me the only auction I found this morning that would allow me to pay before my experiment starts was a set of 2006 Score Packers cards. Cheap, too. That’ll tide me over on the football card tip, I’m sure. But comics and graphic novels might be another question.

One thing I have going for me is the urge to sell, sell, sell. Aside from my CGC books and my Adam Hughes and Frank Cho covers, everything must go. Not only will August be the month of not buying, it’ll be the month of selling. I just want to get rid of the junk I’ve amassed in the last couple of years, books I haven’t seen since I bought ‘em and stuffed ‘em away in the closet.

But if my friends are right, what I’m really doing is making room for the inevitable comic gluttony that’s just around the corner starting September 1st.

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