Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spines Part I

I was at Barnes & Noble this afternoon with some buddies of mine. Jason, a fellow collector, and I were looking at a new book called Wolf Boy by Evan Kuhlman. I have no idea what the book’s about but it has sequential art scattered throughout, so I had to get it.

I was reading the sales copy on the inside of the dust jacket when Jason chuckled and said, “You hardly even open it.”

I didn’t pay him any mind and held the book up so I could look down the spine as one might look down the barrel of a gun. As I was scrutinizing the condition of the book in my hand, Jason picked up a copy of his own. He opened it gently, the blissful cracking sound of a virginal spine being opened filling the air.

“There’s the sound you love,” he said, a smile on his voice.

“Yeah, but now you’ve ruined it,” I said, picking up another copy to look over, the first one having not met my standards.

I looked at the second copy for a moment and pointed out a very slight, barely noticeable rubbing on the top of the dust jacket. “Oh, that’s no good,” I said and put it back on the shelf.

“Nothing a nice BroDart can’t take care of,” Jason commented.

“Yeah, but I’d know,” I said, picking up another.

Later, Jason and I were walking through the paperback fiction section. He spotted a book he needs, A Touch of Death by Charles Williams. It’s number 17 of the Hard Case Crime series of detective fiction. He looked it over with a discerning eye and apparently approved of the book’s condition.

“You’re not going to compare it to the other copies?” I asked, noticing three others on the shelf.

“No. I looked this one over and it looks fine,” he said.

“Huh.” I said, perplexed. “You’re weird.”


Anonymous said...

What a freak.

I'll leave it to you to determine which one of you I'm speaking of.

James W. Powell said...

Haha. I didn't even talk about Kurt.

Evan Kuhlman said...

Hey James, this is Evan Kuhlman author of Wolf Boy. Thanks for checking out my book and I hope you like it. And I know exactly what you mean about the wonders of virginal spines and perfect jackets.

If any of your readers are curious about the book there's more info and excerpts on my website: