Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Collector Is Nursed Back to Health

A football card collector I met some time ago on the Beckett message boards just purchased the whole lot of my Packers cards. He paid $100. Not bad, I guess. Less than what they’re worth, more than I would’ve got had I kept the auctions running on eBay. The book value on the cards is somewhere closer to $800, and I know I spent close to that number too. But after that first eBay debacle, I’m happy to have anything at all.

Just a few days ago I was hurting. Bad. I considered all of my collections to be junk; garbage that wasn’t worth the energy and time and money I spent acquiring them. I was thinking of throwing in the towel. What do I think now that I’m $100 richer? About the same, actually. My collections are still pretty pointless. But I’m willing to start reinvesting in them anyway. With a little narrower focus, perhaps, and maybe with a little less vigor. So yes, the collector in me certainly has shown new signs of life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back off the wagon.

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