Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool

I’ve been spending money on collectibles like crazy lately. I’ve gone way over my budget and I’ve spent hours doing nothing but researching new things to collect. Not only have I picked up two very expensive Aaron Rodgers autograph cards, but I’ve also been looking into the whole Marvel Masterworks hardcover program, Edgar Rice Burroughs first edition paperbacks, and graded Packers cards from the late 70s. That’d be all fine and dandy if I had given up some of my other desires, but those haven’t waned in the slightest.

So, what am I going to do about it? Two things. First, I’m going to try a little experiment. For the entire month of April, I’m not going to buy a single thing that I haven’t already ordered. That means no books, no old comics, no comic book collections. Nothing. Well, almost nothing. The football cards on my want list are so limited, if I spot them on eBay, I pretty much have to bid because I may never see them again. But other than that, nothing.

All that really means is that April will be the month of discounts and huge blowout sales.

The second thing I’m going to do is sell, sell, sell. I’ll call it my Spring Cleaning Event of the Year. I’m going to get rid of those football cards that don’t fit into my very strict collecting guidelines. I’ll be selling off those comic series I not longer collect. Heck, maybe I’ll even sell some trades I doubt I’ll read again.

Of course, with the huge discounts taking place all over online this month because of my April experiment, I won’t make a dime on any of these items, but I’m selling nonetheless. I might not make money, but I will make room. And in the tiny town home we live in now, every bit of space counts.

So that’s it. Stop buying for a month and sell as much as I can. Sounds easy.

Then again, it’s only the April 2.

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