Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Expense Report

According to my Quicken account, I’ve spent 51.95% of my discretionary income on collectibles since November 1, 2005. That total would increase by more than 10% if you added my recent first edition pickups. But lucky for me, I’ve hidden those purchases in the “entertainment” category.

This means that, after we pay all of our bills, fill our cars with gas, and put food on our plates, over half of the remaining money is used to put comics and football cards into plastic sleeves and cardboard boxes.

Let’s take a look at this weekend’s expense report, shall we?

  • $20.00—First edition of It’s Superman.

  • $73.20—Comic book order for comics shipping in March.

  • $25.50—Brady Poppinga SP Authentic football card #/25.

  • $08.11—Three Uncanny X-Men comics.

That’s a grand total of $126.81 spent on collectibles. Compare that to the $17.81 I spent having lunch and seeing a movie with friends. You know, enjoying a social life.

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