Monday, May 08, 2006

Holy Cow! What Did I Sell?

I got back from Moab to learn that the Ex Machina set I had for sale on eBay sold for $122. Say what? Nineteen modern comics plus a second print variant for that kind of cash? Doesn’t make any sense. That’s more than triple the final price of any other set.

My immediate reaction was, “Yes! Now I can buy more books.” But after I had a moment to reflect, my thoughts soured. Had I just unknowingly sold some crazy cool collectible that I assumed was worthless? Maybe that sketch cover was some sort of rare commodity that would’ve sold for more had I just sold it by itself? Worse yet, what if the buyer thought he was getting something else? I didn’t mislead in my auction listing, but what if I labeled my set incorrectly?

I don’t know what to think. It’s possible that my previous feedback (which mentions just how great my packaging ability is) helped raise the value of my auction, but not to that level. No, something else must be going on. But regardless of what happened, I mailed the books, and now I await word from the buyer. Will he be excited or disappointed? Only time will tell.


alan brown said...

I guess when you add it up, the final price is "only" 2x the cover price.
Looking at the bid history, looks like a bidding war between two clueless individuals who are new to Ebay.
I think it's a good sign though that 4 bidders were willing to go $30 or higher.

James W. Powell said...

Yeah, that makes sense. Let's hope that's the case.

alan brown said...

I'm assuming you've been paid already, so everything is cool on that front.
A quick check of shows that these issues could be bought, with free shipping, for a little less than $60.
Really, you should be jumping up and down :)

James W. Powell said...

Oh, I was jumping up and down, until I thought something seeding might be in the works. You never know...I've heard horror stories about paypal taking money back.