Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From Hawaii, With Love

A bubble envelope from Hawaii greeted me when I got home this afternoon. I knew it held a 2005 Michael Hawkins SP Authentic rookie card numbered 17/25. I had it on my eBay watch list for seven days. I sat in my computer chair for the last half hour of the auction, refreshing my browser every few seconds, watching the price creep up bit by bit, waiting for the right time to make my move. I won. It cost me $12.45 with shipping.

After nine days of waiting, I got the Hawkins card in the mail. I opened the envelope while watching intently for my chance to strike on an auction for a 2005 Aaron Rodgers SP Authentic Sign of the Time gold card.

There were only three minutes left in the Rodgers auction. I refreshed IE and tore open the envelope.

There were only two minutes when I pulled out the card.

There was only one minute left when I glanced at the card to ensure it was the right one.

There were only eight seconds left when I placed my bid.

As time expired, I refreshed one last time. I won. Sixty-two bucks.

I closed IE, picked up the Hawkins card without a glance, and placed in on my bookcase with two other cards to be put into my collection this weekend.

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